Libraries, Archives, & Infotech-in-training

Greetings, you've found SARAH NGUYỄN's corner. I am a secure-open-information-audio-enthusiast. Reading, creating, and sharing informations. Mentors wanted.

Site is a wip.

Currently contributing to:

Center for an Informed Public NSF COVID-19 Rapid Response Research (RAPID) program

Privacy Encodings for Sensitive Data - an Alfred P. Sloan grant-funded project, supported by the University of Washington and Syracuse University. As Graduate Research Associate, I prepare, conduct, gather, and analyze data from studies and interviews to understand how sensitive qualitative data can be best faciliated through privacy encodings between data producers and consumers.

Investigating & Archiving the Scholarly Git Experience - an Afred P. Sloan grant-funded project, supported by NYU Libraries Data Services. As Research Scientist, I conduct and analyze quantitative and qualitative research to understand how scholars incorporate Git and Git hosting platforms into their daily practice.

Preserve This Podcast - an Andrew W. Mellon grant-funded project, supported by the Metropolitan New York Library Council. As Project Coordinator, I organize, develop, document, and conduct a podcast preservation community of practice for librarians, archivists, podcasters, and digital creators.

Movement, dance, etc.