buddè french

presented at Virgo’s Day Off (2019-09-19) at Nebula and the Velvet Queen in Bushwick, NY.

animated gif of hair flip in dance piece


v1 presented at Radical Networks (2019-10-19) at Prime Produce in New York, NY. v2 presented at !!Con West (2020-03-01) at Baskin Engineering UCSC in Santa Cruz, CA.

animated gif of linkrot from musician's video streaming set up

Lupe Fiasco - Hey Lupe

released on 2019-10-31

animated gif of dancers in Lupe Fiasco music video

conversation to getting comfortable

presented at Don’t Ask My Age of Aquarius (2020-01-31) at the Metropolitan New York Library Council in New York, NY.

animated gif of dancer and musician performing with audience watching